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over 3 years ago

Behm, Sarah
(831) 475-6565 ex.304 Academic Counselor
(831) 475-6565 ex.101 SDC Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.104 7th grade science teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.108 6th grade Language arts and Social Studies Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.131 P.E. teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.205 7th & 8th grade RSP teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.103 8th grade Science Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.208 7th grade Math Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.106 6th Grade Science Teacher
Email Dorney, Micheal Dorney, Micheal
(831) 475-6565 ex.303 Assitant Principal
(831) 475-6565 ex.102 Math and Science Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.209 6th, 7th and 8th grade RSP teacher
Email Kumaishi, Tracy Kumaishi, Tracy
(831) 475-6565 ex.109 6th grade Social Studies & Language Arts teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.111 PE teacher
Email Lewis, Donna Lewis, Donna
(831) 475-6565 ex.211 Social Studies and Language Arts
Email Martin, Colleen Martin, Colleen
(831) 475-6565 ex.308 Principal
(831) 475-6565 ex.203 Language Arts & Social Studies teacher
Email McMillin, Mariko McMillin, Mariko
(831) 475-6565 ex.212 6th grade Math teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.213 Visual Arts & 8th grade Language Arts
(831) 475-6565 ex.112 Music Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.208 Math Teacher Coach
(831) 475-6565 ex.120 PE teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.204 SDC teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.202 Social Studies teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.214 Computer and Spanish Teacher
(831) 475-6565 ex.105 Math teacher
Email Van Dyk, Bob Van Dyk, Bob
(831) 475-6565 ex.110 7th Grade Math teacher
Email Whittemore, Stacy Whittemore, Stacy
(831) 475-6565 ex.201 6th grade S.S. & L.A. teacher
Language Arts & Social Studies teacher

Buchanan, Michelle

over 3 years ago

Important News!

Will Update After Spring Break.

About Mrs. Buchanan

I am in my ninth year of teaching. Aside from teaching I also enjoy my job as the yearbook coordinator.


I am married and have three sons, ages 5.5 years, 4 years, and 2 year. We welcomed our first little girl into this world in October 2014.


In my free time I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

What's Going On In Class?

Language Arts:

We have started our 3rd unit in Inside, titled "Star Power." We have read our first selection about Native American myths about the stars. We also researched our own star myth and created a poster with a summary of the story. We will be completing two writing projects this quarter. The first is a descriptive essay and the second is a persuasive essay.

Students are currently reading the AR book, Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli. Students are completing a reading response log upon completion of each reading section. Reading responses are based on the "before you move on..." questions at each designated pausing point throughout the book. In class students are deepening their understanding of the book by relating to it personally and reflecting on their reading by answering comprehension questions as we discuss our reading.


In math we are working on fluency with adding and subtracting large numbers. We are also strengthening our understanding of place value as we complete various group and individual activities.

Students are also continuing to work at their individual level in ALEKS.


Students completed a Science Fair Project which they have been sharing with their class the past couple weeks. They are also currently working on a persuasive All School Write Assignment as part of their 3rd quarter benchmark assessment in writing. 

Weill will be starting our family life unit when we return from Spring Break. If signed permission forms are not returned by Friday your child will be sent out of class and completing alternative curriculum.

Bye, Tammy

over 3 years ago

Ms. Bye's 7th Grade Science

Ms. Bye

Caldarella, Kathryn

over 3 years ago

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Cox, Jeff

over 3 years ago

7th grade and 6th Grade PE

Del Rosario, Eunie

over 3 years ago

8th Grade Physical Science

7th Grade Life Science

Delibert, Michele

over 3 years ago

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Dinino, Robin

over 3 years ago

Falco Elias, Nicolas

over 3 years ago

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Griffin, Patty

over 3 years ago

Resource Specialist Program

6th Grade Language Arts

1st and 2nd Periods

6th and 7th Periods

room 209


6th Grade Math Support

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Organizational Support

3rd, 4th and 5th Periods

School Wide


Language Arts 6 Homework

Home Reading Log is due every Thursday at the beginning of class .

LeAnn, Copriviza

over 3 years ago



1.) Respect for your self        

             i.  Always do your best

  ii.     Ask for help when you need it

 iii.     Have fun

2.) Respect for other people


   i.     Allow them the opportunity to do their best

  ii.     Welcome all students into your group or team

  iii.     Touching others is part of physical education

1.     Never be forceful

2.    Touch only in appropriate body areas only (examples: hands, back, shoulders…)

3.    Keep your hands and body clean

4.    If there is a problem with not wanting to hold hands or touch someone during activities, please see me privately or write a note to me explaining the problem.  Sensitivity to all is mandatory!

3.) Respect for the environment and equipment

  1. Safety
    1. If there is a question whether something is safe or not, do not do it!  Ask teacher for help if needed.
    2. Follow procedures and directions.
    3. If you see something/someone that can cause harm please let the teacher know right away!


  1. Participation – Points given daily for participation in activities, attitude, and dressing out
    1. You will be expected to dress out every class, unless excused or otherwise directed by the teacher.

                                              i.     Each quarter the following guidelines are used:

1.     1st non suit = teacher/student conference

2.    2nd non suit = phone home to parent/guardian

3.    3rd non suit = Phys. Ed. Department detention

4.    Chronic non suits will be dealt with on a individual basis (including and not limited to class failure, office referral, and/or parent/teacher/principal conference).

    1. Keep your mind open to what you can do…it may be fun!


In our physical education and health classes we will be doing many different activities that will focus on enhancing the student’s physical and social well being.  Our main goal is to help students be able to understand their physical self, and give them the information and experiences to keep them physically active and healthy through their lives.

  Thank you for your time and consideration of all the information listed.  I know Middle School can seem overwhelming at first, but I am here to help you – so please ask if you need help!

In Health,

Ms. Copriviza

McIntyre, Sean

over 3 years ago

Mullikin, Kate

over 3 years ago

Ms. Mullikin's Classes

Welcome parents, students and community members! You have reached the site of Ms. Mullikin, Shoreline's 8th Grade Language Arts, ELD, and Art teacher! Choose your class below to view photos, check assignments or read news.

Beginning Art

8th Grade Language Arts -

periods 2 and 3

8th Grade Language Arts and

ELD - Period 1

Murray, Caleb

over 3 years ago

Shoreline Middle School Music

Live Oak School District and Shoreline Middle School are strong in their support of the arts. Shoreline Middle School offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Piano, Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. They are all directed by Caleb Murray with Stephen Krilanovich supporting as an assistant director and aide. Rich Gerling also continues to volunteer his time to help keep the music program running full steam.

Vernal Falls- 2014

Nix, Melissa

over 3 years ago

Welcome to my webpage and all things Math!  This year I am excited to be supporting our Live Oak students as the district Math Coach. Have a question, need some help?  Feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to help you and support your success in math.

Ms. Nix

Peretto, Barbara

over 3 years ago

6th Grade Physical Education and Health

6th grade students have been working on striking a ball with an implement, (volleyball skills, soccer skills), and line dancing.

Health class is studying the muscular system and continuing lessons that involve decision making and refusal skills.

Students will be tumbling in February, in Health learning about stress and anger, why we have it , and healthy ways to deal with it.

8th Grade Physical Education


Students are responsible to have a folder to accumulate information that will be used to create a 2 week fitness plan.  This is a major project that will be due in the 4th quarter.

8th grade- Fitness Focus assignments are due on Tuesdays and are worth 10 points.  Late work is accepted (with minus 1 point per day penalty.)

Swimming unit starts March 4th and will go until March 29th (rain or shine)!  Students will be swimming 4 days per week.  What a great opportunity!  

8th graders are required to bring in their swim suit for approval by March 1st.

Phelps, Robin

over 3 years ago

6th/7th Special Day Class -

Room 204

For homework and more, please go to 

my TeacherWeb site


Powell, Jeremy

over 3 years ago

Will The Real Mr. Powell Please Stand Up!

Second Semester Begins January 29th

Let's Get Ready To Have A Wonderful Semester Together! 

I hope that you will enjoy many books, projects and group activities over the next four months.

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Rivas, Susan

over 3 years ago

Computer and Spanish Classes


Please visit us at our Computer Lab website! (Links are to left.)

Computer Lab Website is at:

Spanish Website is at:

Toohey, Susan

over 3 years ago

TOOHEY'S Homework

September 18, 2013  due FRIDAY the 20th

Math:  workbook pp.2-3 all

Science:  p. 333 Vocabulary


BIG meet at Shoreline at Pony Park on Friday.  Come cheer your classmates on!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wilkinson, Emily

over 3 years ago

Welcome to Room 207, Land of:
ELD, Film Production, and 8th
Grade English Language Arts--

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