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Principal's Welcome Back Letter

over 2 years ago

By Colleen Martin

Dear Shoreline Families, 

We are all looking forward to the start of the school and welcoming our new students. Please remember that the WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) orientation for incoming 6th graders and other new students is Tuesday, August 23rd from 9-11am in the Shoreline gym. This event is for students, only. Parents are welcome to stay for my Principal’s parent presentation in the amphitheater outside the gym. This presentation is particularly informative for parents who have not had a student at Shoreline in the past. Otherwise, please feel comfortable dropping off your student and picking them up. We will also be selling PE clothes at the conclusion of the WEB event.

I am pleased to introduce our new staff members: Calypso Harmon (7th & 8th Science), Sue Kuivanen (8th ELA & Video), and Brady Lindberg (8th Social Studies & 7th ELA). We are also pleased to welcome Lauryn Perez (previously at Green Acres) as our school psychologist and Alyssa Pena, a SJSU counseling intern. 

We have the same bell schedule as last year, except that we will have one lunch, everyday. The first warning bell rings at 8:10am with students in their seats by 8:15am. School gets out at 2:40pm (early dismissal on Wednesdays is still at 12:33). This year, teachers will be available to assist students and parents 30 minutes before and after school, each day, unless they have yard duty or meetings.  It is always best to check their availability ahead of time. Students’ 1st period classes will be posted on the front doors of the school after 4pm on Tuesday, August 23rd. Students will receive their full schedule, Shark Planner and 1st day packet during their 1st period class on Wednesday, August 24th. Please review the packet and return only the required papers on the 2nd day of school. Most papers are for your reference and we only need the signature pages returned. 8th grade parents: please pay special attention to the acceptable use agreement for laptops. We will be sending home a chrome book with every 8th grade student on August 30th to use for the year. There will be an 8th grade parent meeting on Monday, August 29th at 6pm to explain expectations and address any concerns about students being responsible for a district chrome book.

Teachers will be giving students recommended supply lists on the first day of school. I always suggest holding off on buying supplies until the lists are distributed. A backpack, a pen and pencil and a notebook are sufficient for the first day.

The black-top has been re-paved and re-striped for physical education classes and students to use during break and lunch. We also installed a hydration station near the exit of the locker rooms, so feel free to send you student to school with a reusable water bottle that they can fill up with filtered water. We also put in a new retaining wall with brick seating near the outside bathrooms so dirt won’t wash onto the walkway and students won’t be so congested in our lunch lines.

Our parking lot gets very congested during the 10 minutes before and after school and on rainy days. Please follow the traffic pattern with two rows of cars splitting to the far right and left for drop off. This allows both lanes of cars to pull into the center lane after students exit.

We need to change the date of our Back to School Night to Wednesday, September 28th so that it does not conflict with Soquel High School’s on 9/14.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Back to School Night.

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